Hi! everyone!

My name is Yuko Sasaki.Yukorin-shacho is my nickname,the meaning of shaocho is the president(CEO)! so please call me YUKORIN-SHACHO!

I’m a 43-year-old,and born from a small fishing village in Hokkaido,JAPAN! Now I run a small IT company in JAPAN.

The attraction of Japan is not only in big cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, but there are plenty of places in the countryside of the local cities where foreign tourists do not know.Japan has so many wonderful customs throughout the four seasons, and we have many interesting legends in every prefecture that are transmitted from long ago.

Speaking of Japanese food, ramen, tempura and sushi are famous, but we have local cuisine and general household dishes too! so I would like to tell you about these dishes and seafood,Japanese food recipe and so on!

Japan is a wonderful and amaging Island!

Thank you

GS Trading Co.,Ltd.

President & Representative Director
Yuko Sasaki