Teuri Yagishiri Island,HOKKAIDO

Hello! I went to a small isolated island 天売(Teuri) 焼尻(Yagishiri) , which is located in the north of Hokkaido,JAPAN.


Access to the Teuri & Yagishiri Island

Usually we will arrive at Yagishiri from Haboro-cho in the first,and move from Yagishiri to Teuri, but that day due to bad weather,we couldn’t stop at Yagishiri by poor visibility of fog,so we went straight to the Teuri.

Ferries are coming out from Haboro cho located along the northern coast of Hokkaido. Haboro cho is about 4 hours by car from Sapporo.There is a prefectural office of Hokkaido in the Sapporo city, it takes one and a half hours by plane from Haneda airport in Tokyo, then it takes 30 minutes by train(JR Hokkaido).

English information on HABORO ENKAI FERRY is here



If you go by car to Haboro-cho from Sapporo, you will see a sign to the ferry platform as you enter Haboro Town.The parking is free in HABORO ENKAI FERRY! There are 2types,ferry and a high-speed ship! If you take a high-speed ship, it will be arrive in about 1 hour,in case of ferry about 1and a half hour.The window side seat is more shaking than the center seat,so I’’ll recomend center seat for the prevention of your seasickness!

Inside of ferry
Yukorin-shacho in ferry

 Introduction of TEURI

In front of the ferry terminal

Both Teuri and Yagishiri have public toilet (public restroom) which have state-of-the-art facilities in front of the terminal, and is cleaned cleanly, so you can use confortably!

The meaning of Japanese is”Welcome to TEURI of the floating island like a dream!”

Teuri is a small island floating in the Sea of ​​Japan with a population about 317 people,and the coastline is 12km.Orolong birds are famous! and Orobou is the mascot for Teuri Island.Teuri is said that the origin of the name  is derived from Ainu. “Teure” (fish’s back), or “Chuure” (leg). Almost all the place names of municipalities in Hokkaido come from Ainu language.Ainu are indigenous people in Hokkaido.

Oloron bird doll
“Orobo” welcomes guests from the window from the window
Oloron birds doll at the terminal entrance

Open terrace cafe in front of the Teuri

Open Terrace Cafe in front of Teuri Terminal with my uncle.

There is an open terrace cafe in front of the Teuri terminal. Cup of coffee is 300 yen including tax. The shopmaster who is behind this picture was very kind guy♡ There is no cafe in front of Yagisiri Terminal, but there are tables and chairs which you can sit freely outside Terminal .

To people who smoke

Smoking is possible in front of the open terrace cafe of Teuri and the outside terminal of Yagishiri(there is an ashtray).

Number of Orolon birds

Orolon birds doll

When my mother visited in the Showa 40’s(1960’s), She said to me “I was scared of birds!”,But when I went to Turi, there were few birds. Actually, Ohoron bird is only in Teuri island in Japan! In the past, it seems that there were 50,000 birds, but now it has declined to 19 and it is on the verge of extinction.Once upon a time, it seems that there are about 1 million birds, including Oloron birds and so on!

Teuri high scool
What kind of flower is this? Please tell me

I had salmon Don for lunch in the B・PORT.The combination of salmon & avocado was quite delicious!
This is B ・PORT
Discover the shrine!
A big tree in the shrine’s area

Japanese view of religion

This dog placed in front of the shrine is called KOMAINU.This is said to protect from the devil! Japanese people go to a shrine and a temple and celebrate Christmas! lol  Since Japan is an island country, we have accepted various overseas cultures since  long ago. Many Japanese people are shy, but actually we are very friendly. And we have sincere and serious national character.

Move from Teuri to Yagishiri (^3^)/Bye

 Intoroduction of Yagishiri

Yagishiri is an island famous for virgin forest and Suffolk livestock which in 20 minutes from the Teuri (fast ship 15 minutes, ferry 25 minutes), and famous for living many cats than people.

Origin of the place name of Yagishiri is “closer Island (to the main land)” in Ainu language. As its name,Yagishiri is an island closer to the mainland than Teuri.※Ainu are indigenous people in Hokkaido.We went around the island with local gide by car.The tour of the island by car was 1,400 yen, but probably There are not people who can speak English there.(^_^;) 

Port at Yagishiri
◆荷物一時預り所(Luggage storage room ) ◆焼尻観光 協会(Yagishiri Tourism Association)
◆島内名所案内(Island tourist information) ◆大型ハイヤー、その他(Large size taxi, others) ◆貸自転車(Bicycle for rent)◆荷物一時預り所(Luggage storage room ) ◆焼尻観光 協会(Yagishiri Tourism Association)

オンコの荘(Onco’s Villa)

“Onco’s villa” is a gathering of yew trees which you can enter inside like a house.Yew tree is called “Onko” in Hokkaido.These virgin forest which gathering Onko registered as a national natural treasure in 1986 which is calld “Yagishiri Natural Forest”.Unfortunately, this day was fog, but if it’s clear day, we can definitely see magnificent landscape!

Land without animals

Walking through the virgin forest which spreads to Yagishiri is my best recommendation! It ‘s a perfect walking course because there are no animals such as beans there! I was so surprised! This is remote island, so animals couldn’t swim across to here.There are so many bears in Hokkaido, so we must be careful for mountain walking!

Suffolk of Yagishiri

Suffolk is a sheep with a black face! Suffolk of Yagishiri is high-quality-meat which called “Phantom Lamb Meat”! These are mainly shipping for luxury restaurants such as French restaurants in Ginza,TOKYO.

What does Suffolk taste like?

There is a restaurant “島っ子食堂(Shimakko Shokudo)” where you can eat Suffolk in front of the terminal. Suffolk set meal is 2500 yen with rice and vegetables.

サフォーク(Suffolk) うに丼(Uni-Don) ラーメン(Ramen) 島っ子食堂( Shimakko-Syokudou)
Yagishiri Suffolk set meal is 2500 yen

The taste was like chicken! we cook salt and pepper and eat it by burning it on charcoal fire. It was very delicious!

Cat at the Shimakko Syokudou

There were lots of cats and baby-cats around the restaurant. All the cats were attached to people.

Thank you! Teuri & Yagishiri!

I’ll be back!




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